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VendorCentral Consulting and AMS Management

Our Client

15-year omnichannel brand with an Amazon VendorCentral relationship engaged Coral8 in June 2018 with several simultaneous needs, including PDP (product detail page) optimization, marketing innovation, and new product launch.

Our Challenge

The most urgent & immediate initiative was to aggressively launch a new SKU which client’s was concerned that their internal sales forecasts may have overestimated market demand.

Our Work

Coral8 architected a phased Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) implementation to simultaneously drive sales and also to collect & analyze market data.

The Results

Along with a sudden boost in the new product’s sales velocity to meet weekly sales objectives, Coral8’s (AMS) implementation increased overall Amazon sales by 10%, after having only created 20% of the total number of potential AMS campaigns tailored to this one product.


In July 2018, client replaced their existing flagship product line, which represented 50% of entire vendor catalog, with a new model line. Despite concerns about ability to ramp up sales volume, Coral8 was able to advise sales velocity boost for the new line to match outgoing product line within less than 1 week.

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