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Sponsored Product Ads Management

Our Client

Client is in the Tools & Home Improvement niche with approximately 20 SKU’s, 50% of which generate the bulk of revenues. The company has a huge focus on customer satisfaction, achieving an astounding 100% Lifetime Positive Feedback Rating – something that many would consider impossible.

Our Challenge

Roughly 25% of client’s product mix face high levels of competition and their products’ USP was not considered strong. In order to carry momentum pushing sales, client’s overall Sponsored Products PPC ACoS was well over 100% upon initial engagement. Client was also concerned about their AMS campaign performance.

Our Work

Coral8 initially assessed the existing campaign structure and provided a new architecture for client to review to streamline account management & performance. Once client approved the new account architecture and provided their SEM objectives, Coral8 utilized data-driven decisioning in a gradual fashion to strive for client’s goals via bid management, keyword selection, and campaign structure analysis.

The Results

In January 2018, PPC sales were $150-200 / day, while ACoS ranged from 80%-140%.

By June 2018, PPC sales increased to $500 – 1,000+ / day, while ACoS dropped to 20-25%.

Please refer to the following graphs.


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