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Complete SellerCentral Management​

Our Client

Client carried products across several unrelated product niches under 1 brand with approximately 50 SKU’s, 20% of which generate the bulk of revenues..

Our Challenge

The majority of client’s product catalog face high to medium levels of competition and their products’ USP was not considered strong. Client’s overall Sponsored Products PPC ACoS was well over 50% upon initial engagement. Despite the account’s volatile statistics due to frequently changing product mix and purchase price changes, client’s intention was to control their account through Coral8’s managed PPC optimization.

Our Work

Coral8 initially assessed the existing campaign structure and suggested a new architecture for client to review to streamline account management & performance. Once Coral8 finalized the strategy, Coral8 utilized data-driven decisioning over a period of time and optimized using bid management, keyword selection, and campaign structure analysis.

The Results

In October 2016, PPC sales were approximately $1,000 / day, while ACoS ranged from 50%-115%.

By April 2017, PPC sales changed slightly to $1,000 – 1,800+ / day, while ACoS dropped to 20-30%.

Please refer to the following graphs.


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