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Client Case Study with Low ACoS

Here are the low ACoS levels achievable with a strong brand. If you're having issues controlling the ACoS on your account, contact us and we'll strategize with you on how we to minimize spend & maximize profit through your Amazon Advertising accounts.

Overengineering Our Amazon Advertising Optimization Process

Many interested parties have asked how we've achieved overwhelming success with our clients' Amazon Advertising campaigns, despite the increasing level of competition for placement, and increasing bids over time across the board. In a nutshell: our algorithmic, self-healing processes which, as of now are a combination of statistical algorithms and...

$120,000 in Amazon Advertising Sales at 3.5% ACoS!

Coral8 continues to deliver outstanding results exceeding client expectations. The attached screenshot is the December snapshot of the same account previously discussed here: Here's a recap from that post, with some updated notes: - In this graph, we're only seeing a small percentage of this account's total sales. AMS...

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