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$120,000 in Amazon Advertising Sales at 3.5% ACoS!

Coral8 continues to deliver outstanding results exceeding client expectations. The attached screenshot is the December snapshot of the same account previously discussed here: https://www.coral8.co/blog/50-000-of-amazon-advertising-sales-in-november-2018-at-5-acos

Here’s a recap from that post, with some updated notes:

– In this graph, we’re only seeing a small percentage of this account’s total sales. AMS sales usually equate to a small fraction of Sponsored Products sales, and Sponsored Products sales itself usually equates to a fraction of organic sales.

– Only about 30% of all potential AMS campaigns have been created.

– The AMS campaigns are on track to generate $100,000+ December 2018 sales. (We ended up beating that forecast by 20%!)

– We’ve been able reduce & stabilize ACoS at 5% while going into the holiday season, which is when advertising costs tends to increase. (We lowered ACoS to 3.5%, a huge 30% improvement!)

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unusual case study of an Amazon account which had many positive factors contributing to its success. The results for other accounts may vary.

Please contact us if you’d like to see how Coral8 could help you succeed on Amazon.

Howard Lee

Howard Lee

Principal at Coral8, an Amazon-Accredited Brand Marketing Platform | I help Amazon sellers increase margins & sales

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